BioBailer held by a mans hand


  • Choice of Sizes Now available in 19mm & 39mm diameter

  • Holds Larger Sample Over a litre of sample is collected (1025ml)

  • Biodegradable When discarded in a landfill, additives in the PVC encourage microorganisms to break down the material. The BioBailer does not break down unless exposed to high microbial conditions.

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The 428 BioBailer is an inexpensive, reusable, biodegradable bailer made from clear, high-quality PVC pipe. Capable of holding more than one litre of sample material, it features a dense, robust body with tapered ends. The 428 was designed to prevent well hangups, and weights are unnecessary for most applications. The transparent PVC construction enables samples to be visually checked on-site for product or water. Samples are obtained by lowering the bailer down the water column and allowing water to enter the bio-bailer from the base via a non-return ball valve. As the Bio-bailer material is denser than water, it naturally sinks under its own weight. As the bailer is retrieved the check-ball sinks to the bottom of the bailer to traps the obtained sample within the bailer.


  • Biodegradable
  • Bailer content can be checked visually
  • Tapered top and bottom
  • Sturdy handle includes an opening designed for the bailer cord
  • Rigid, easy-to-handle body
  • Holds more than one litre of sample
  • Sample release device included
Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: BioBailer

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  • Sampling for LNAPL (floating product).
  • Routine groundwater sampling.
  • Cost-effective grab sampling.
Size Standard bailers have a 1.5” x 3 ft (38 mm x 91.5 cm) body to hold more than one litre of sample (1025 mL).
BioBailers™ have been tested for non-leaching using
the SPLP EPA 1312 extraction process followed by
analysis using EPA 8260 for volatiles and EPA 8270 for
semi-volatiles. This is a long duration test of 18 hours,
which greatly exceeds the expected use time of a
disposable bailer.

Files and software available to download:

Data Sheet