Solinst Rainlogger Edge 3002

Solinst Rainlogger Edge Model 3002

  • Long Battery Life Battery life of up to 10 years

  • Compatible Compatible with most tipping buckets and Solinst Telemetry Systems

  • Huge Memory Capacity Holds up to 60,000 readings in the non-voliatile memory

Here at RS Hydro we have introduced the Solinst Rainlogger Edge Model 3002 to our already extensive range of Solinst equipment. This model has been specifically designed to record the number of tips of a standard tipping bucket rain gauge with a reed switch output. This is the perfect inexpensive option combining compact durability, low maintenance requirements and long term reliability. Improved ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection along with ABS housing is a standard feature of this device.

The Solinst Rainlogger Edge logs up to 60,000 readings which are all conveniently time stamped and the total rainfall per time period is logged in the non-volatile memory. Samples are recorded at each tip of the tipping bucket. Rainfall data is important because it enables correlation between precipitation events and changes in groundwater or surface water levels.

This device is compatible with all Solinst Levelogger deployment and communication accessories, it is very simple to download logged data either direct to a PC or to a hand held leveloader. The added advantage is its versatile ability to integrate into a Solinst Telemetry System and the option to communicate using SDI-12 protocol.

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: Solinst Rainlogger Edge Model 3002

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  • Measuring local precipitation
  • Determining peak rainfall events
  • Stormwater management
  • Remote monitoring of watersheds
  • Ideal for correlating precipitation events to:
  • -Groundwater and surface water data
  • -Watershed and drainage basin studies
  • -Agricultural and forestry studies
Technical Specifications
Battery Life 10 years (logging 2 parameters/10 minutes)
Clock Accuracy +/- 1 minute/year
Operating Temperature -20°C to 80°C
Maximum # Readings 60,000 readings
Memory Non-volatile EEPROM, FRAM back-up
Communication Optical infra-red to RS232 or USB
Sampling Mode Event Based, Real Time View
Sampling Rate Variable - records each tip
Size 7/8"x 5.5" (22 mm x 140 mm)
Weight 1.6 oz (44 grams)

Wetted Materials

ABS, Delrin®, Viton®
A Study to Understand how Carbon is Cycling through Peatland Ecosystems in Peruvian Amazonia